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TMS therapy offers an effective,
non-invasive, FDA-cleared alternative to
traditional medications.

Clinical studies have shown that one in two patients treated with TMS had a 50% reduction in their symptoms, and after six weeks of treatment, one-third (33%) of patients had no symptoms of their depression or were in “remission”. While there has not been a head-to-head trial that compares TMS to antidepressants, a landmark study (called STAR*D) explored the efficacy of medication to treat patients suffering from MDD and less than 15% achieved “remission”.

It is also important to note that TMS treatment may not eliminate the need to continue taking antidepressant medication, but it could reduce the amount of medication needed by the patient and, thereby, minimize the side effects associated with them.

Patient Depression Scores (PHQ-9)

Actual TMS Health Solutions Patient Score Averages, n=1,291

Chart Legend
  • 0-4: Minimal Depression
  • 5-9: Mild Depression
  • 10-14: Moderate Depression
  • 15-19: Moderately Severe Depression
  • 20-27: Severe Depression

The treatment of depression isn’t a “one-size fits all” and can be managed through various options, including psychotherapy, medication, and TMS. Each patient is unique, and his or her depression can be addressed through one or a combination of these treatments.