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We have a solution for pain disorders.

“We recognize that pain can wear you down. You may have been struggling for years, and trying your best. Life can be difficult with nagging discomfort and aches. Medications and other treatments often do not provide sufficient relief from chronic pain.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) was approved by the FDA in 2008 for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), which often accompanies chronic pain. In fact, there is evidence that it can help with chronic pain and we’ve seen great results using TMS to treat various pain disorders including neuropathic pain, headaches related to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), migraines and trigeminal neuralgia. We’re hopeful to help more people with chronic pain.”

–Joshua Kuluva, MD
Neurologist and Psychiatrist
Director, Neurological Services of TMS Health Solutions