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About Syed Bukhari, MD

Dr. Bukhari is a Board Certified Psychiatrist with a combined 15 years in medical and psychiatric environments in the U.S. and Pakistan. After graduating from medical school in Pakistan, he worked mostly in Internal Medicine. With time, he found that he was more interested in psychiatric issues of these patients; his natural interest in psychology led him to psychiatry. He also saw that in comparison to physical health, there is disparity in the attention given to mental health issues. He realized that psychiatric diseases remain undiagnosed due to people’s lack of acknowledgment of mental health issues along with the lack of psychiatric expertise in terms of trained psychiatrists and mental health institutions. These factors contributed to further augment his interest in psychiatry. Gradually the course of his career shifted from Internal Medicine to Psychiatry. He then decided to get residency training in Psychiatry in the United States. After coming to the US, he did one and a half year of volunteer psychiatry work to get hands on clinical experience before his psychiatry residency.

Following residency, he became very interested in neuromodulation. He started reading about ECT and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and attended seminars to learn more. He attended talks by practitioners who practiced with TMS devices and used them to treat patients. From his clinical experience, he realized that some of the patients either do not want to take medications or develop undesirable side effects, or do not respond to medication treatment, and TMS could be an alternate treatment for such patients. His interest in TMS was sealed.

Dr. Bukhari gives importance to the therapeutic alliance with patients. He is known for building rapport and creating individualized treatment plans. He follows the Bio-Psycho-Social Model in patient care. He is well-versed in various treatment modalities including medication management and psychotherapy to treat mental disorders, including treatment resistant cases; regularly monitoring patients’ response to ensure sustainable mental and physical health.

He looks forward to continuing to pursue excellence in Psychiatry, with a focus on TMS and medication management, and the cross section of these two treatments in patient care. He joined TMS Health Solutions in late Fall of 2017.

personal interests

From trail running to finding a new hike to a weekend of camping, Dr. Bukhari enjoys all outdoor activities. He also enjoys working out, swimming, watching movies and spending time with friends. He also has a love of literature and music. He appreciates nature and ethnically diverse places and finds California to be a fit.

Certifications & Memberships

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Board Certified

American Psychiatric Association


American Medical Association


education & experience

Dr. Bukhari graduated from Medical school in Pakistan and worked in a variety of hospitals there, in internal medicine, nephrology, and surgery.

He served at the Nishtar Hospital, Naseem Surgical Clinic and Maternity Home in Multan, Pakistan, and Rana Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan. During these years, he helped ensure the delivery of quality care and clinical services to a variety of patients.

After coming to the US, he did an Externship in outpatient psychiatry & substance abuse program at a VA Medical Center, Washington DC. Following that, he held another Externship in adult psychiatric inpatient unit with the Zucker Hillside Hospital, a division of Long Island Jewish Health system New York. He then began his Psychiatry Residency at Harlem Hospital Center, affiliated with Columbia University. He also taught medical and physician assistant students during their psychiatry clerkships and taught junior psychiatry residents during the time of his residency.

Most recently, he served as an Outpatient Psychiatrist at the Unison Behavioral Health Group, where he treated a diverse population of patients suffering from an array of mental illnesses. He also worked as a lead psychiatrist for ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) team treating treatment resistance mental illness.