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About Ryan Vidrine, MD

Dr. Vidrine is a Psychiatrist with a strong background in both inpatient and outpatient psychiatry. He has always found himself fascinated by the neuroscience of how experience and relationship attachment lead people to become who they are, living how they live, as a product of both their biology and the multitude of experiences (good and bad) that they have accumulated. This passion for understanding both the science and the human experience is what led him to psychiatry, with a particular interest in the field of Interventional Psychiatry and Neuromodulation.

He sees Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) as a new tool that offers a novel approach to treating a variety of psychological disorders. He was particularly intrigued by TMS because he sees it as currently the most accessible form of precision, circuit-based clinical treatment that can be offered in psychiatry. This tool allows practitioners to manipulate specific circuits in the brain that could be overactive or underactive, over-connected or under-connected, and without causing side effects to the rest of the body. Dr. Vidrine feels that when combined sensibly with other forms of treatment and life changes, TMS has real potential to help the field to intervene in new ways to ameliorate patient suffering.

His practice style centers on “Identifying one’s values, meeting them where they are on the path to those values, and helping them to make sure that they continue moving towards those values”. He believes in an open and honest rapport with patients that incorporates time spent helping to explain and teach patients the science of what is happening in their mind and body, as well as constantly listening to each individual’s human experience to guide both he and the patient in treatment decisions. He creates patient-specific care plans, using principles from various disciplines and frameworks, including mindfulness, ACT (acceptance commitment therapy), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), psychodynamic theory, psychopharmacology, as well as the latest evidence in neuroscience and neuromodulation to provide an integrated plan tailored specifically to an individual’s needs, including medications or TMS.

He joined TMS Health Solutions in August of 2017.

personal interests

Dr. Vidrine pursues all his interests with zeal. Whether it’s training for a half-marathon, SCUBA diving, rooting for the Warriors, throwing down some Cajun cooking in the kitchen, finding a new, exotic place in the world to explore, or simply a night on the couch binging on tv and pizza, he believes in making the most out of all his life experiences.

Certifications & Memberships

American Psychiatric Association


Clinical TMS Society


International OCD Foundation


Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation


education & experience

Dr. Vidrine graduated from Medical school at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. He completed his residency at the University of California- San Francisco (UCSF), with distinction in the field of Interventional Psychiatry.

He has trained and worked at a variety of sites and practice models within the San Francisco mental health system, including Inpatient Psychiatry, Outpatient Psychiatry, Emergency Psychiatry, Psychiatric Urgent Care, and Imbedded Consultation Psychiatry via the following sites: UCSF Health, Zuckerberg San Francisco General, the San Francisco VA, and Westside Crisis Clinic.

During his residency at UCSF, he was active in the residency curriculum development and resident education. He developed the Interventional Psychiatry Area of Distinction training track and was Chief Resident of the Intensive Services which included Adult Inpatient Psychiatry, Consult-Liaison psychiatry and managing issues with the resident call service. He piloted multiple clinical rotations, brought in new faculty mentorship, and helped to develop a more extensive neuroscience curriculum as well as more extensive clinical exposures to more novel treatment modalities such as ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy), DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation), TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), and Ketamine.

He spent four years in the UCSF OCD & Anxiety Specialty Clinic, developing expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of the full range of anxiety disorders, with a particular interest in OCD. He also received training in Acceptance-Commitment Therapy (ACT), which has a focus on patient values as the impetus for behavioral changes and incorporates a variety of mindfulness concepts into treatment.


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