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Ode to the PHQ-9

Singles Take Heart: How to Reclaim Valentine’s Day

by Stephanie Dodaro On the list of most dreaded holidays, Valentine’s Day is probably near the top. It combines all the pressure of New Year’s Eve and the emotional expectations and gift-giving stress of Christmas. We’re encouraged to make expensive, … Continue reading

Keep Your Days Merry and Bright: Tips for Dealing with Family and Depression During the Holidays

by Stephanie Dodaro It seems that as soon as we put away our Halloween costumes, we’re inundated by a steady stream of holiday ads and social media posts featuring joyous people shopping for gifts or celebrating with loved ones. For … Continue reading

How Depression Can Lead to a Financial Crisis and Tips for Picking Up the Pieces

by Stephanie Dodaro “In the spring of 2003, I was 27 and finally on a cocktail of antidepressants that stabilized my Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). For the first time Though our big April tax deadline has finally passed, it doesn’t … Continue reading

Tech’s Depression Problem

by Stephanie Dodaro Stress in the tech industry is a well-known occupational hazard, affecting everyone from interns to founders. Whether you work in a startup or a relatively established tech company, the pressure to constantly innovate and compete at all … Continue reading